What is a map

Put simply a map is a plan of the ground on paper, a birds eye veiw; but unlike an areial photograph, which shows everything that is visible, the map is selective in what it portrays.

Information on the Ordnance Survey 1;50,000 Landranger Map

Latitude and longitude.

Grid Coordinates Eastings and Northings.

Heights in Metres.

Magnetic, Grid and True North Pointers.

Information Grid Magnetic Angle.

Title of Map Sheet, Sheet Number, and Scale.

Customer, Communications, General, Tourist and Technical Information.

Measuring Scale in Kilometers, Statute Miles and Nautical Miles.

Natural Features would include.


Forestry and Woodland

Rivers and Streams

Mountain, Hills, Rocky terrain

Open Ground and Moorland

Man Made Features

Roads, Paths, Tracks, Buildings, Bridges, Canals, Dams, Railways, Pylons, Fences, Walls and Ditches.

The list is endless.

Total number of grid squares on the 1:50,000 Landranger map =40 x40

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